CWRC Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

The following Valparaiso University students were awarded Undergraduate Research Grants from the Creative Work and Research Committee during the 2014-2015 academic year.  Additional information about CWRC Undergraduate Grants can be found by clicking the Funding Opportunities tab above.

Student Name Year, Department  Faculty Sponsor     Topic
Jon Bicanic Senior, Chemistry,
Mechanical Engr.
Jon Schoer Impact of Pratt Industries Expansion on the Water Quality of Salt Creek
Louis Christensen Junior, 
Mechanical Engr.
Craig Goehler Developing a Robotic Elbow Joint Controlled by EMG Stimulus
Carly Hanson Senior,
Jennifer Holt Understanding the Effects of Modified Cyclodextrins on Isomerization in Host-Guest Complexes
Christopher Herbert and Seth Strelow

Civil Engineering

Zuhdi Aljobeh Pierce Cedar Creek Veaver Dam Study
Chloe Lash and Laura Polakowski Seniors, Biology  Laurie Eberhardt Seed Dispersal of Native and Non-Native Fruiting Plants by Birds in a Northwest Indiana Landscape
Miroslava Repak Senior,
Jennifer Holt Molecular Stability of the Cis Form of Brooker's Merocyanine in ß-Cyclodextrin