CWRC Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

The following Valparaiso University students were awarded Undergraduate Research Grants from the Creative Work and Research Committee during the 2013-2014 academic year.  Additional information about CWRC Undergraduate Grants can be found by clicking the Funding Opportunities tab above.

Student Name Year, Department  Faculty Sponsor     Topic
Avery Blackburn,
Erin Harrington,
Victoria Labitan,
Kelly Perfect 
Juniors & Seniors,
Jim Nelson Assessing Addictions in a Spiritual World: Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equations Modeling to Develop the Life Interests
Jacob Long Senior, Physics
and Astronomy 
Stan Zygmunt Measuring Quantum Conductance in Gold Nanowires
Jordan Otto Junior,
Jon Schoer Solar Thermal Decoupled Electrolysis: A Deeper Look into Solution Chemistry
Claire Simonpietri     Senior,
Amy Cory Beyond the Volcanoes: A Community Partnership for Health in Rural Nicaragua
Kevin Wagner Senior,
Bart Wolf Forecasting and Intercepting the 28 May 2013 Bennington, KS Tornadic Supercell:A Student Perspective
Ruyue (Julia) Yuan Junior, Math and
Computer Science 
Lara Pudwell Intractable Sums Tamed: New Upper Bounds for Covering Arrays
Fernando Aguilar, Eric Honert, Alex Kozlowski Juniors, Mechanical Engineering Craig Goehler Estimating Upper Extremity Joint Contributions in Functional Motions to Create a Metric for Injury Prevention Using OpenSim
Brandon Benninger

Freshman, Environmental Science

Bharath Ganesh Babu Invasive Aquatics Research: Focus on Asian Carp Migration
Adam Clark Junior, Physics and Astronomy Shirvel Stanislaus High Voltage Tests for the nEDM Experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lauren Knop, Brie Lawson, David Rutkowski Juniors, Mechanical Engineering Craig Goehler Examining the Dampening Effects of Varying Shoe Architecture during Gait
Kelsey Larson Junior, Chemistry and Physics Gary Morris Predicting and Determining High Sulfur Dioxide Levels in Valparaiso
Matthew Libersky Sophomore, Physics and Astronomy Shirvel Stanislaus Magnetic Field Mapping
Jessica Lyza Junior, Chemistry Robert Clark The Study of Binding Affinities of Gas Molecules to the Heme Protein CooA
Stephen Place Sophomore, Physics and Astronomy Adam Gibson-Even Investigating Proton Spin
Emily Reth Junior, History Paul Keen Excavation in Kourion, Greece
Edward Wetzel Junior, Chemistry Laura Rowe Using Site-Directed Mutagenesis to CooA to Create a Suitable Carbon Monoxide Detector
Ruyue (Julia) Yuan Junior, Math and Computer Science Lara Pudwell Avoiding Permutation Patterns in Ordered Set Partitions