Nursing research provides Zeman valuable experience

Chelsea Zeman, a senior nursing major from Kenosha, Wis., became involved with undergraduate research when she was approached by Amy Cory, assistant professor of nursing, about joining her research team. Zeman decided it would be a good way to expand her nursing horizons and become more involved in the nursing program.

“Our team is conducting community-based participatory action research to address health concerns in a rural community in Nicaragua,” Zeman said.

Her team identifies different concerns, develops a plan and implements it. In 2007, students spoke with community members and identified the source of these problems as the open flames they were using in their houses for cooking. New stoves with chimneys were built this year to prevent further respiratory health problems.

Zeman continues her research by evaluating results from the team’s previously implemented plans.

“Through our research we are promoting global health and ultimately hoping to enhance the health of the people we are working with, just as we would in a hospital or any other setting,” Zeman said.

The Undergraduate Research Program gives students the opportunity to observe and research in global communities around the world to instill different skills that can be applied to their future working environments.

“I now understand the need for nursing research because I have seen what an impact it can have,” Zeman said. “I would truly say my involvement in this project has been a life-changing experience because it has dramatically changed my outlook on life.”