Prusinski combines coursework through research
Lauren Prusinski was seeking to connect her Chinese and Japanese studies major with her Christ College — The Honors College — experience. With the help of Jennifer Prough, assistant professor of humanities and East Asian studies, through Prough’s Urban Japan: Past and Present course, Prusinski was able to attain that goal through research work as she seeks status as a Christ College Honors Scholar. The course introduced new theories and subject areas that pertained to Prusinski’s field of choice in the Japanese culture.

“I wanted to do research for and compose my honors thesis in a course that combined my coursework in both Christ College and Chinese and Japanese Studies,” said Prusinski, who also double majors in biochemistry.

During this past spring break, Professor Prough ventured to Japan with students to further their experience by understanding past and present urban Japanese cultures within the Undergraduate Research Program.  

“I honed in on my subject area and began to closely examine my surroundings, using my knowledge of the Japanese culture to relate my new observations to their cultural significance.” Prusinski said. “I delved deeply into the experience abroad and used the experience objectively to apply to my research once we returned to the United States.”

By examining their surroundings and relating observations to course documents, students applied their research to future projects.

“I have gained more confidence from producing a piece of scholarly material,” Prusinski said, “something that will hopefully serve as a catalyst for future work in my other courses and life, in general.”