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Poster Template from

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  • BIO 801, Scientific Literature and Writing: Poster Presentations
    A good guide with very useful illustrations that shows poster elements and designs.

  • Creating Effective Poster Presentations
    This revised site provides instructions for step-by-step development of effective posters and offers great examples of posters done for research. The authors address planning and development, software options, formatting and layout. In addition, poor poster techniques are discussed.

  • Creating a Poster Using MS PowerPoint
    This guide provides instructions for creating a poster presentation using PowerPoint.

  • Designing Effective Posters
    This 29-page tutorial is one of three Kansas University Medical Center Web sites on Effective Presentations. This site illustrates elements of layout and design for poster presentations, common errors in design and how to avoid them, and it provides a convenient reference for students and faculty. Click on these topics for descriptive details: Planning the poster, creating the title banner, layout of the poster, dealing with illustrations and with text, and poster assembly. There are even a few Folklore, Tidbits & Hints. An example of a poster presentation with a quiz at the end is provided.

  • Expanded Guidelines for Giving a Poster Presentation
    This document has been compiled to provide some helpful guidelines on effective ways to present scientific information.

  • How to Make a Great Poster
    Design suggestions regarding layout, formatting, and color selection are shared on this American Society of Plant Biologists education site.

  • How to Make a Poster?  Posters Have Advantages Over Talks!
    This site provides reasons for creating a poster to present research, and discusses formatting considerations.

  • Introduction: Poster Sessions
    Colorado State University’s writing guide is a great place to start when faced with a poster assignment. Straight-forward instructions and guidance along with examples and additional resources steer tenderfeet and veterans in effective design.

  • Poster Presentation of Research Work
    A textual description of how to plan and deliver a poster presentation (compiled by the Chemical and Process Engineering Department at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne [U.K.]).

  • Poster Presentations: Designing Effective Posters
    University of Buffalo Library
    Poster sessions are frequently used as a means to convey information in a brief format (typically 4' x 8') in classrooms, conferences and symposia, and workshops. Designing effective poster presentations is an art unto itself. This guide provides resources to make the process easier.

  • The Poster Session:  A Guide for Preparation
    A detailed account of preparing a poster (session) presentation.

  • Preparing Professional Scientific Posters
    This poster mini-course provides a bullet list for start-to-finish poster design guidance.

  • Tips for Effective Poster Presentations
    The U.S. Department of Energy site provides a rather comprehensive document series on effective poster design, including a Guidelines for Preparation of Online Poster Presentations

  • Tips for Presenting Your Research in a Poster Presentation
    The Evergreen State College, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment