Amber Racoczy ('05)

Hi Everyone,

Surprise! It's a name from the past. It's been awhile since I've touched base with you, and hopefully you still remember me! How is everyone? How is VU? I have been thinking of everyone lately, and wanted to touch base with some old professors from VU.

I am continuing to work at a non-profit program in Illinois, providing home-based crisis intervention and stabilization services for youth and their families. The job continues to provide a lot of variety---individual and family counseling, crisis intervention, case management, etc---and is always full of surprises. I also received my LCSW in November, which is exciting because I can now sign all of my own documentation (it was a horrible, horrible exam though...can't believe I passed!). I interviewed an intern this week, and plan to start supervising her soon. I am excited about this opportunity because I love teaching; I had great internships and am anxious to create a great internship opportunity for this student, as well.

In addition to the job, I've been spending a lot of time in different volunteer opportunities, hoping to figure out what it is that I would like to do next. I'm starting to look into teaching opportunities at the undergraduate level, and ; I love social work, but think it's time to take a break from the clinical piece for awhile. I've been exploring options in and out of the field, so we'll see what happens in the next year.

Just wanted to send along an update. I sincerely hope all is going well with you, your families, and the students this year. I actually wish I lived closer so I could be a part of everything and supervise one of your interns!! Take care.


Amber Rakoczy