Internships in Valparaiso University's Department of Social Work are students' opportunities to put what they learn into practice with clients. Our graduates have commented on many occasions that their first position after college was a smooth transition because of their internship experiences. All internships are coordinated by the Field Director who matches student interests with regional agencies. This experience “sets our graduates apart.” Students complete a 100 hour internship spring semester of their junior year and a 450 hour internship in the fall and spring semesters of their senior year. Students are simultaneously enrolled in SOCW 340 (junior year), 485 (senior fall), or 486 (senior spring). These courses, along with the senior practice courses (SOCW 455 & 456) are crucial components of the experience. Students practice integrating content from courses in their work with clients, help each other problem solve and brainstorm, and discuss how to take care of themselves while standing with clients in the midst of personal difficulties. Refining skills, evaluating practice, self examination, and practicing active, adult learning are all part of the process.