Field Education Internship Profiles

Hi! My name is Colleen. I am from Frankfort, IL and am currently interning at Porter Starke Services, the local community mental health center. I am working in the alternative school and Experiential Therapy Department. With the alternative school, I go on service learning trips, participate in a wide range of activities with the students, and sit in on group sessions. With the ET department, I observe, participate in, and help facilitate experiential therapy sessions with the patients at Porter Starke. ET is an action based therapy that incorporates a wide variety of mediums; art; meditation, group challenges etc. I love that each day is different; it never gets boring. Last year I did my internship at the Boys and Girls Club in Valparaiso and led groups with children ages 7-12. With an overarching plan to reduce bullying, we discussed different types of respect and how to celebrate diversity. After I graduate, I would like to go to graduate school in Seattle and get my Master's in either Medical Social Work or Clinical Social Work. I would love to eventually work in a children's hospital.


Hello, my name is Katie and I am a senior social work major. I also have a minor in psychology. For my junior internship, I was at New Vistas High school in Portage. I worked primarily with students with IEPs to make accomodations in the classroom and did case management. During the summer, I worked with children with emotional and behavioral disorders as a camp counselor and discovered I enjoy working with this population. This year, I am interning at Campagna Academy in Schererville. I am working with their Foster Care program. I accompany case managers on home and school visits, and sit in on therapy sessions. I also assist in Foster Parent training and a variety of forms of documentation. After graduation, I hope to go to graduate school to pursue my MSW and follow my passion for working with children and families. 


Hi! My name is Jane, and I am a senior social work major. As a junior, I had the pleasure of interning at St. Agnes, a day center for older adults with Alzheimer's, dementia, and other disabilities. This year, I am interning with an entirely different population: students at Merrillville High School. Thus far, I have spent my time interviewing students, particularly freshmen who are new to the high school. I look forward to eventually facilitating groups at the school, giving presentations, and compiling a list of resources for the students. After graduation, I will most likely pursue my Master's in social work and/or continue working with youth. 


Hello! My name is Bethany. I have moved around a bit, but my family currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a senior social work major, Christ College Honors Scholar, and Urban Studies minor. For my senior field placement, I am interning at Porter Starke Services in the admissions office. Here, my primary responsibilities are completing CAMS and AMSA assessment interviews and recording them in state and agency databases. This information is used to determine the level and duration of services that Medicaid clients can receive from Porter Starke. This is much different from my junior internship at New Vistas Alternative High School in Portage, IN, where I served as a "guidance counselor" to the students there. In the future, I hope to be working within an advocacy-oriented organization that supports building community with diverse populations to promote healing, accessibility, equality and social justice (though I'm keeping an open mind as to what this will look like).


Hello, my name is Aly. I am a senior social work major from Crown Point, IN. I have enjoyed my time so far at Valparaiso University. The social work department feels like family and home to me. I am currently the President of the Student Social Work Organization, and I want everyone to have a wonderful and challenging experience, like I have thad these past three years. I have a passion for advocating for human rights. I really enjoy empowering women and enriching the lives of others! Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at The Caring Place, a domestic violence shelter. I had the privilege to work with women in the shelter, leading empowerment and self-esteem groups. My field placement this year is at Dayspring in Valparaiso, IN. I will be working with homeless women leading groups on women's empowerment and spirituality. I will also be doing case management with the homeless population in the area. I feel so blessed to have had these opportunities and I can't wait for all this year has in store for me!


Hello! I'm Megan, and I'm a senior social work major from Hobart, IN. My field placement this year is in the Foster Care Department at Campagna Academy in Schererville, IN. The exciting opportunities I will be experiencing this year include participating in fost child home studies, attending court and school meetings with foster children, assisting in the licensing of foster parents, and engaging in foster parent training and support groups. My junior year placement was with Family House, a safe home-like environment where non-custodial parents can spend time with their children under supervision. After my junior internship ended, I was hired as a visit supervisor at Family House where I am continuing to gain experience working with unique and vulnerable populations. Within the next few years, I plan to complete graduate school and pursue my career at an adoption agency. 


Hey! My name is Abby , and I am a senior Social Work major, with a Psychology minor from Hartland, Wisconsin. My field placement this year is at Shults-Lewis Child and Family Services in Valparaiso. It is a Christian residential treatment facility for youth ages 12-18 with behavioral problems. I will be working in the social services department observing individual counseling sessions and hopefully leading groups of my own as well as assisting with the intake process. My junior year placement was at New Vistas High School in Portage. I spent the semester obtaining resources for GED and high school students by helping them apply for social services like disability and Medicaid and also helping them apply for college or jobs. After I graduate, I plan on going to Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota for a Masters of Arts with the end goal of working at a church as the Director of Youth and Family Ministries. 


Hi! My name is Emily and I am a senior Social Work major with a Fundamentals of Business minor. My junior year filed placement was at PACT (Prisoners and Community Together) with the SAVE (Stop Abuse and Violence through Education) Program, as well as the Day Reporting Program. My senior field placement is with Porter County Adult Probation. I will be filling the role of a probation officer by conducting PSIs (Pre-Sentencing Investigations) and having a supervision caseload. I will also be working with Project PRO (an education group for convicted sex offenders). After I graduate, I plan on moving back to Texas and living with my grandma.


Hello! My name is Ashley. Trevor, Wisconsin doesn’t make it on to many maps, but it is my beautiful little hometown. I am majoring in Social Work and International Relations and I have a Spanish minor. My heart lies in serving God and providing basic human rights to his children through policy improvements, justice, and advocacy! My current internship, Open Doors, serves Porter County immigrants through the formation of a resource book. This internship, a grassroots community based initiative, is teaching me a lot how dynamic social work practice is and how much dedication must go into writing a book from scratch! My Junior year I worked with Family House which provides supervised visitation between children and their parents who are working to gain custody of their child. After graduation I will be getting married, heading out to St. Louis, and hopefully working in the non-profit sector! 


Hi! I’m Amy, and I am a senior Social Work major from the best state in the Union, Michigan, in a suburb just northwest of Detroit. This year I am interning with Porter County Juvenile Probation. I go to Portage High School on Tuesdays and Valpo High School on Thursdays and meet with the youth there to make sure they are following along with their terms of probation and continuing to make positive choices for their future. I make sure they have access to any resources they need to help make better choices and to get their lives back on track. Last year, I interned at the Boys and Girls Club and my main task was to lead an educational, prevention intervention group called SmartGirls. I enjoyed my placement last year and am very excited to be with Juvenile Probation this year. If you couldn’t tell already, I really enjoy working with children and teens, and would love to work with them in some way for my career, hopefully in inner-city settings. 


Hey there, everyone! My name is Stephannie. I am a senior double majoring in Social Work and Sociology from Chicago, Illinois. I’m currently doing my senior internship at Portage High School. I meet with students, listen to what their needs are, and do my best to accommodate them to get them through the school year. It can be anything from just needing someone to listen to them venting to emergency situations that require administrator interventions. My junior year, I was placed at Porter County Juvenile Probation Center and that is where I found my true passion in working with troubled youth. In the future, I want to become a lawyer that works mainly in the area of juvenile delinquency.