Since 2000 Valpo Social Work Students have conducted their own original research and presented it in public forums. In Social Work 365, Introduction to Methods of Social Research, groups of two or three students will select a topic related to social work and conduct their own research projects including instrument development, methodological planning, data collection, data analysis, as well as presenting the findings in both oral and written form. These presentations are given at Valparaiso's Celebration of Scholarship and Butler's Undergraduate Research Conference.

Presentation topics in recent years included...


  • (Dean’s Choice Presentation) Eating Disorders among College Students
    Jeanette Gutierrez, Julie Milosevich, Susie Morales
  • A Study of the Relationship between Nutritional Knowledge and Healthy Eating Habits.
    Claire Brackmann, Megan Hamilton
  • Religious Involvement and College Students’ Outlook on Life.
    Mele Cabral, Amy LaGrange, John Stern
  • Exploring the Relationship between Alcohol Consumption and Happiness.
    Krissy Noren, Lisa Ellens
  • The Impact of Valparaiso University’s Study Abroad Program on Students’ Worldviews.
    Whitney Pollatz, Jodi Naumann

 Butler  Butler  Butler


  • A Study of Depression and Social Connectedness
    Rebecca Lohrmann, Kelly Erikson, Collette Doerschuk, Amanda Littell
  • Investigation of Poverty Opinions on Valparaiso University’s Campus
    Karen Meuzelaar, Shariliz Martinez, Shannon Speaker

Amie and the award Just Finished Speaking Explaining ANOVA results


  • Comparing Valparaiso University Students’ Knowledge About STDs Based Upon High School Background
    Gayle Joll, Audrey Hall, Kristen Kardas
  • Matriculation to Graduation: Student Attitudes toward Homosexuality and HIV/AIDS
    Erin McElwee, Pamela Saylor, Carolyn Stypka
  • The Development of Students’ Thoughts on Homosexuality on a Lutheran Campus (Valparaiso University Board of Directors Award)
    Judy Velasco, Amie Stefanich, Sean McGinnnis

No sign of nerves  Celebration of Scholarship

  • Views of Interracial Relationships on a Primarily White Campus
    Sarah Wong, Steven Humphris
  • What Deters Young People from Smoking Cigarettes?
    Rachel Kirkwood, Kendre Israel, Kendra Wicks


  • Drunk Driving: Behaviors and Attitudes of College Students (Valparaiso University Board of Directors Award)
    Rachel Christiansen, Kelly Halcarz, Carissa Redeker
  • Knowledge and Attitudes Concerning Social Work at Valparaiso University
    Kimberly Sawusch, Gina Leon
  • Beds and Britches Etc. (B.A.B.E.) Program Evaluation
    Erin Votava, Kelly Bell
  • Rape and Sexual Assault: Beliefs and Behaviors
    Sarah Adam, Sarah Kramer