Sociology and Criminology courses are divided into three levels:

Level I courses are designed to give students a broad overview of sociology. These courses typically expose the student to many different sociological topics and are taught at the introductory level.
Level II courses focus on one broad sociological topic and provide information about fundamental concepts and theoretical approaches used within sociology. No prerequisites.
Level III courses are designed to provide depth of experience and understanding in narrow subject areas.

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Major Requirements
Minor Requirements
Suggested Timeline of Courses

The general sociology concentration is Intended for students interested in understanding society and social behavior.

Students who are interested in the study of crime and criminal behavior are encouraged to concentrate in criminology.

Students who plan to attend law school, or who are interested in justice agency administration, are strongly encouraged to complete degree requirements by adding an individualized minor in Justice Administration or some other individualized minor relevant to one’s course of study and career plans. It is recommended that students planning an individualized minor select courses from the following options: PSY (110 or 111), and 235; MGT 304; and POLS 120, 220, 340, 341, 345, and 360. Other programs which are recommended to complete degree requirements are the Fundamentals of Business Minor or the Chicago Urban Semester.
Sociology Minor (Minimum 18 Cr.)
Students pursuing a major or minor in sociology must have a plan of study approved by designated departmental advisers. Students are advised to take SOC 110, SOC 130, SOC 275, and a statistics course during their freshman or sophomore year. They should take SOC 310, SOC 311 and SOC 320 during their junior year. The internship course (SOC 386) may be taken only during students' junior or senior year. The capstone course (SOC 493) should be taken during their senior year and only after students have taken the other required sociology courses.