Faculty Profile

Dawn Jeglum Bartusch, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

College of Arts & Sciences, Rm. 333

Curriculum Vitae


“I am delighted to be back at Valparaiso University, where I earned my undergraduate degree. I truly enjoy the opportunities for interaction and involvement with students that teaching here offers. My constant goal as a teacher is to challenge students’ taken-for-granted assumptions about the social world, and to encourage them to ‘think sociologically’ about the world and their places in it.”


Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin - Madison 1998
M.S. - University of Wisconsin - Madison 1989
B.A. - Valparaiso University 1987 (Sociology/Criminal Justice)


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  • "Is Age Important? Testing a General Versus a Developmental Theory of Antisocial Behavior." with Donald R. Lynam, Terrie E. Moffitt, and Phil A. Silva, Criminology 35:13-48, 1997 
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  • Essentials of Delinquency: Integrating Theory and Research
    - Burfeind, James W Jones and Bartlett Publshers 2005