For Younger Audiences

The following topics have been developed for student audiences. Often, upon talking with a professor, a topic can be tailored to fit a specific age groups.

  • Development of cultural sensitivity and self awareness, for students of all ages and grade levels - Dr. Jose Arredondo, education
  • "Do Bacteria Make It Rain?" for high school juniors and up -
    Dr. James Caristi, mathematics and computer science
  • Overall look at history of Valparaiso University
  • VU and the Ku Klux Klan -
    Melvin Doering, archivist
  • Party drugs: How to protect yourself and others from becoming a victim. The use of alcohol and drugs in date rape. (Videos used in presentation)
  • The Best Years of Your Life: Adult and minor liquor laws, binge drinking and their effects. (Videos used in presentation) -
    Chuck Garber, campus police
  • 3-D Visualization for Civil Engineering: Tour or presentation on 3-D terrain models developed for the virtual reality laboratory at VU's College of Engineering
  • Materials testing: Demonstrations of tests on concrete or steel in the materials testing lab at VU’s College of Engineering -
    Dr. Kenneth Leitch, civil engineering
  • The college search and decision process
  • Youth leadership and empowerment
  • Staff and team building - Katie McKoon, admission
  • Sexuality and health -
    Dr. David Rowland, graduate studies and continuing education dean
  • The Supreme Court on abortion
  • The Supreme Court on euthanasia -
    Dr. Richard Stith, law
  • Literature of the Vietnam War
  • Teaching philanthropic values to youth
  • Writing autobiography
  • Fiction by American women -
    Dr. Ed Uehling, English
  • All about careers in social work for juniors and seniors in high school -
    LouJeanne Walton, social work
  • Tours of VU Weather Center for ages 5 and up -
    Dr. Bart Wolf, meteorology and geography