As alumni, how can we help to support Valparaiso University?

Alumni play a critical role in the success of our strategic plan and we are working hard to continue to expand our alumni network and provide opportunities for engagement. There are a number of ways we encourage alumni to get involved with the University. 

First, if you are not a member of the Valpo Admissions Network (VAN), please consider joining this group. The VAN is a volunteer group of alumni that assists the Admissions Office with its recruitment programs and other activities. VAN members are "on call" to talk with prospective students and/or parents to address any questions they may have about attending Valparaiso University. They also assist with receptions for admitted students in the spring, and some members host events (picnics or barbeques) during the summer months to keep prospective students engaged until the Fall.

In addition, we are starting to build a Valpo Alumni Career Network where students can speak to alumni career professionals about their particular line of work and perhaps help them get streamlined into their chosen profession. This network is already in place at our Law School and we are working on expanding this to the rest of our students. 

Second, send us your students of promise. If you know of students would be a good fit at Valparaiso University please refer them and we will follow up.

Third, please continue to support Valparaiso University financially. We welcome your annual support through the ValpoFund and your gifts to support Valpo’s Endowment and special projects.

And finally, please keep Valparaiso University in your prayers, so that we listen for God’s call in our decision making and so we remain focused on doing God’s will at our University even as we become larger, more complex and more diverse. Pray that we will continue to see God’s light at Valparaiso University and that we will remain true to our commitment to be a University under the cross of Jesus Christ.