What is the infrastructure plan for Valparaiso University that will support the desired growth in the student population?

There has been ongoing construction and development to the Valparaiso campus over the past several years that has resulted in some dramatic improvements and also has given us some room to grow.  We completed the new Harre Union Building in 2009 and we are currently building a 52,000 sq. foot faculty and academic facility that will house many of the humanities and social science faculty from Arts & Sciences and 16 new classrooms. And, because there are also many times of the day and evening when campus classrooms are idle, we have a lot of room to grow academically for several years, without having to construct many more buildings. 

Our current student/faculty ratio is 13:1.  Under our strategic plan, we will grow this to 15:1, but no more than that.  We are committed to approaching our population growth in a careful and intentional way.

We have also begun to implement our longer-term strategy around student housing.  This will include upgrades to our current residence halls, as practical, in addition to third-party apartment-style housing for juniors and seniors.  For more details about our student housing plans, please see question #4.