What’s being done to promote Valparaiso University?

We have made considerable investments in two key areas at the University in alignment with the objectives of our strategic plan.  

The first has been in Enrollment, where we hired a new vice president and put a lot of energy into demographic modeling so we are actually able to better target the types of students we want to come to Valparaiso.  As part of this focused strategy, we are concentrating on seven states: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and Iowa. Major cities of focus include Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. After we have effectively targeted heavily populated regions in these areas, we will cast our net wider, on a more national level. National level strategies are currently in development. We are also making strategic use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to ensure we are present in the places where young people are active. 

The second thing we’ve been working very hard on over the past year is the development and launch of a new brand identity for Valparaiso University.  This has been a huge undertaking led by our Integrated Marketing and Communications department.  As part of the brand development process, we conducted extensive research and collected input from thousands of our key stakeholders. In Fall 2010, we officially introduced a new logo and brand standard for the University, along with a message platform that shares more about who we are and how we are positioning ourselves for the future.