What’s being done to recruit faculty to Valparaiso University?

Faculty recruitment at Valparaiso University is a high priority and we are committed to attracting faculty who are strongly grounded in faith traditions and academics. We are fortunate to receive a large donation from the Lilly Endowment, which has allowed us to identify very promising future professors when they are in the final year of their education and beginning their dissertation.  These students come to Valparaiso as faculty with Christ College and stay on campus for two years as Post-Doctoral Fellows.  Once they finish up their education, we have an opportunity to then hire them.  Many of these individuals are top flight faculty; graduates from Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Princeton.  We are actively doing this in Humanities now and are proposing this same kind of development in Sciences and other areas.

The other thing we are doing for many faculty positions is creating visiting appointments so that we have an opportunity to work with various professors before they finish their education and make a decision about where they want to teach.  We are looking for individuals with more than just the right academic credentials – we are looking for professors who enjoy teaching and who want to teach at a place like Valparaiso.  It is very difficult to find faculty of this caliber and it takes a lot of time and strategic planning.   We will continue to be very selective and ensure that the teaching staff we recruit to the University are a good fit for the institution.