Welcome Back!

Welcome back ALD members! Its time for another semester which means another 11 hours! We have lots of new activities so get ready to get involved! Check out the service event page for more details

*Reminder: You need 11 hours per semester, 2 of which can be outside of ALD which means the other 9 have to be through ALD sponsored events. For information about service projects check the Service Even page!*


The Next ALD meeting will be Monday, April 4th at 9pm in Ballroom C. Please come for information on service projects and other updates. Oh, and did we mention that you get a half hour of service just for going to the meetings?!

What is Alpha Lambda Delta?
Next Service Project/Updates
Membership Requirements
Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) is the Valparaiso University's Freshman Honor Society. ALD members participate in about a dozen hours of community service per semester while striving to maintain their academic excellence.

Upcoming Events: 

Cafe Manna

Easter Egg Hunt

The ongoing Ronald McDonald Drive

*Check out the Service Event Page*

To be recognized as a member of ALD during graduation, a student must provide 11 hours of community service each semester as a sophomore. Up to 2 hours can be with another organization. If you serve on an event planning committee, every hour of work you put into planning the event counts as an hour and a half of service. You can cover up to 2 of your hours by manning the ALD desk in the Student Activities Suite.

*Keeping Track of Hours*

To report any hours completed outside ALD send an email to Alexandra Sumner at Alexandra.Sumner@valpo.edu