Rachel Hessler: Large Group Committee

Rachel Hessler

Hi! My name is Rachel Hessler, class of ‘10!  If you’re interested, my
official title is “Large Group Committee Leader,” which basically means that
I’m in charge of all things Monday Night CRU.  So if anyone ever wants to
help out with worship or technology stuff, or knows a great speaker, shoot
me an email! I am from Cleveland, Ohio and am a Biology/Chemistry major.
Someday I want to become a medical missionary and work with people who can’t
afford health care and don’t know Jesus.  Some things I love (in no
particular order): singing and music, mountains, kids, Jesus, my roommate
Molly, the movie Pride and Prejudice (and the memories it inspires), reading
really good books by Ted Dekker and C.S. Lewis, and following my dreams and
my God with all my heart.

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