Become a Member

Chapter Membership

Membership in EWB-VU is open to all students, regardless of major.  To be an active chapter member, you should attend bi-weekly general chapter meetings and participate in events. Members are also encouraged to join committees of interest to them, which will give them the opportunity to participate and provide input into the work done by the chapter.

National Membership

A one-year EWB-USA membership is FREE for a student membership and $100 for a non-student membership. The on-line process can be accessed via the
Membership Page. Because's EWB-USA's servers and database are shared with the American Society of Civil Engineers, you will be redirected to ASCE's website to create a login that will work on both organization's website. If you are already a member of ASCE, you can use your ASCE member number to link your ASCE account with your EWB membership. Your ASCE membership number can be found in your profile on ASCE's website.

Code of Conduct

The power to effect massive change in the world is one that comes with high levels of personal responsibility. EWB-USA has a Code of Conduct for its members that all persons interested in the organization should examine. 
This Code of Conduct contains background on the national organization, as well as very clear guidelines for how EWB-USA members should conduct themselves both at home and while serving abroad. EWB-VU members are expected to uphold these ethical standards at all times.


Interested in going on a trip?

The projects adopted by EWB-VU have, to date, involved extensive travel and a firm commitment to partnering with villagers of different cultures and lands. As there are usually more applications than allotted spaces, chapter members interested in participating on-site should:

1. Attend EWB-VU chapter meetings;
2. Be a paid EWB-VU member in good standing; (Usually not a problem, we don't charge money)
3. Be a paid EWB-USA member in good standing; (Usually not a problem, EWB-USA no longer charges money for student memberships)
4. Receive all required vaccinations for the project;
5. Raise funds to help cover project expenses; and
6. Complete the Application For Participation