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Engineers Without Borders - Valparaiso University is a service-based organization consisting of university students committed to partnering with undeveloped communities to design and implement sustainable projects. Guided by faculty and professional mentors, students employ engineering, nursing, business, and science skills to develop solutions that not only solve technical problems but that remain viable after EWB-Valpo has completed the project. 

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Current Project


EWB - Valpo is working with a village in Nicaragua to help rehabilitate their water distribution system. This project aims to build a new water storage tank that receives overflown water from the existing tank. The EWB - Valpo assessment trip during November of 2013 explored solutions to these problems, and surveyed the area so we understood the water distribution system. This trip provided enough information for EWB - Valpo to begin the design of improvements for the piped water system. In addition, the trip helped EWB - Valpo get a better idea of the needs of the village for their water supply. EWB - Valpo may also look into the water treatment methods the village currently uses. To learn more about our project click here.

For this project EWB-Valpo has been collaborating with Fundacion Entre Volcanes (FEV), which is the Non-Government Organization that EWB-Valpo is coordinating with to work with the people of the community.

If you would like to join us on this project, contact EWB- Valpo at ewbvalpo.president@gmail.com.  Organizations can also help us in our project by donating. EWB-Valpo is grateful for any support we can get in our work.