Welcome to the German Club Website

Nicholas Adams am 5. März 2008 um 15.19 Uhr

Welcome to the homepage of the Valparaiso University German Club. We are a group of students interested in German language and culture who meet once a week to socialize and organize events.

Please choose your area of interest from the links on the top of the page. If you need some help with German, choose one of the links under "Helpful German Links" on the right, or if you would like to see a website from a previous year, click on that year under Archives on the sidebar.

Upcoming Events

Ryan Taber am 6. April 2008 um 19.48 Uhr

There are a few pretty cool things coming up that you should be a part of!

First, on Tuesday April. 15th, we will be electing officers for next year. So far only one person has expressed an interest in running for an officer position. That's not good! We need a few people to take leadership roles next year and keep the German Club alive. There will be time on the 15th for anyone interested in a position to say a little bit about why they'd like to run (this will be very informal and very low pressure). I hope to send another E-mail later in the week to explain the various positions.

The following week, Tuesday April 22nd, we will have a movie night. If you have any movies you'd like to watch (preferably auf Deutsch) let me know. We are also trying to get something together to do T-shirt iron ons that night, so stay tuned for that.

Finally, on Thursday May 1, 6:00 p.m., we're going to have an end of the year cookout. We'll grill some hamburgers, brats, and whatever else we can grill at the park behind the German House. Of course, there is also basketball and other outdoor-type games. We did this last year and everyone had a great time, so be sure to stop by for a few minutes and hang out with all your German Club friends one last time before the end of the semester--and say goodbye to the graduating seniors. We'll also introduce the new officers at this event.

That's it. Thanks for reading!


Club Website Update

Nicholas Adams am 5. April 2008 um 19.23 Uhr

Tag ... well ... yeah it's still Tag,

Within an hour or so, the German German club site will be updated(and changed) ... quite a bit.

You might ask why is it being changed. Well ... in simplest terms, it was just to complicated before. Anyway, it has been simplified (although, you might not notice). The major addition was the incorporation of the mailing list. I'm still debating on how to integrate it more ... If you send a message to the list, and it ends up on the German Club site, no worried, you e-mail will not show up.

If you browse to the events page, you will see any upcoming events, as well as a link to "Previous Events". It's kinda self explainatory. But, bascially that was just e-mails sent to the list regarding events.

Same thing with "Previous Meetings/Info". If Ryan or Katie, or another officer posts info about an upcoming meeting, and you happen to have deleted that e-mail, or you find yourself not recieving list e-mails, you can find it there.

If you browse to the officers page, it's pretty much the same as before. However, regarding officers, if you're planning on running, make sure you inform Ryan. Most of the officers are seniors, and our president will be traveling oversees next year. As for current and future officers, if you would like your e-mail addresses on that page, let me know, otherwise I am working on an e-mail form that will not make public your e-mail addresses.

Photos is still the previous look, only because I haven't had time to update it yet. Regarding photos, if you have taken photos for any German club event, send me your e-mails. I would love to put them on the site!

And finally the Contact page. Ryan and I have been discussing the status of that page. Eventually we would like to have a form where you just type your e-mail, and click *subscribe* or *unsubscribe* to be added/removed from the list. But until then, there is information on how to do that yourself.

Tempus Fugit
Nicholas Adams