The Honor Council

The Honor System is administered by the Honor Council as an agent of the University Administration under the general approval and authority of the President of the University.

The Honor Council is a student-run organization. It is an educational, remedial, and judicial body with the duty of maintaining the Honor System in the academic community. The Honor Council conducts hearings regarding alleged Honor Code violations, determines whether the accused is guilty or not guilty, and assesses penalties to those who are found guilty. All (accused) students are considered not guilty until determined otherwise. Upon notification by the office of the Provost that the Honor Council has assessed a penalty, the appropriate Officer of the University shall carry out any penalty requiring administrative action.

The size of the student membership shall be reviewed each year by the Honor Council to ensure sufficient members to accomplish the tasks assigned. There are currently 15 student members on the Honor Council, and 18 faculty members.

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Contact Information

Honor Council (General)
Meier Hall, Rm 146
Valparaiso University

Honor Council (Appeals)