Members of the Honor Council

The Honor Council is charged with assisting the Valparaiso University community with maintaining the integrity of the Valparaiso University transcript. Each student and faculty member is responsible for taking up the torch and assisting to keep any and all academia free of dishonesty.

Should at any point you have a question or concern regarding the Honor System at Valparaiso University you may contact the Honor Council at and your message will be delegated to the relevant Honor Council member(s).

A brief description of duties will be displayed below, but for a full explanation of the duties of the Executive Board it is recommended to see Addendum I: Honor Council Leadership Position Descriptions in the current Constitution of the Valparaiso University Honor System.

Note on Communication with the Executive Chair: The Executive Chair prioritizes communications and requests for information as follows; 1) On-Going Investigations, 2) Questions Concerning Appeals Processing, 3) Questions on Policy Clarification, 4) Faculty Authorized/Unauthorized Aid Policy Statement and Development Questions, 5) Requests for Orientation Speeches, 6) Special Requests.

Processing time depends on the amount of cases currently being investigated. Questions pertaining current investigations, two to three academic days. Submissions for information from the Executive Chair should on general information will typically be processed within five to seven academic days.  Other special requests, seven to ten academic days.

In general questions pertaining to investigations immediate actions are best directed to the assigned student investigator. Questions pertaining to officer's responsibilities are best handled by the respective officer. To contact a specific officer, send your e-mail to and it will be forwarded to that officer. For e-mails directed to the Appeals Chair, you may e-mail


2012-2013 Executive Board of the Honor Council

Executive Chair Sets meeting dates, appoints committee members, assigns investigators, and in general, sees that the Honor Council functions effectively.
E-mail at
Executive Vice-Chair Assists the Executive Chair and assumes the duties of when needed, acts as student co-chair of the Honor Council Education Commission, and is responsible for new student and faculty orientations as requested. 
E-mail at
Administrative Vice-Chair Attends Student Senate meetings on behalf of the Honor Council, develops and presents budget requests, and oversees all written policy revisions. 
E-mail at
Recruitment Vice-Chair Sends membership request letters to Deans and Resident Assistants, sends applications to interested students, and sets up interview dates and times. Also is responsible in seeing that members are educated and trained for investigations. 
E-mail at
Corresponding Secretary Notifies members of meetings, secures meeting places, takes attendance, and handles correspondence. Also, is responsible for scheduling all hearings. 
E-mail at
Web Administrator Maintains the Honor Council website, and notifies the Council of changes as they are made. Works with IT and CMS to ensure proper web management and brand compliance. 
E-mail at
Chair of the Appeals Board Deals with all aspects of appeals hearings and investigations. Investigates, sets, and hears appeals cases. Also notifies outcomes of appeals hearings, maintains records of appeals cases, and handles all correspondence dealing with appeals cases.
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