Frequently Asked Questions: Appeals

Q:  How Many Days Do I Have to Submit My Appeal?

A: You must submit your appeal within 10 academic days of receipt of the notification letter sent by the Office of the Provost. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Appeals Board.

Q:  To Whom Do I Submit My Appeal and What is the Proper Format?

A:  All appeals should be submitted to the Appeals Chair for consideration. When submitting an appeal, there is no formal outline to follow; however, be sure to clearly state the grounds on which you are basing your appeal. You may submit an appeal in writing by mail or via email to

Q:  What are the Grounds for an Appeal?

A:  Grounds for an appeal must be based on at least one of the following tenets:

    1. that a procedural error occurred.
    2. that new evidence has arisen within 10 academic days of notification of the outcome of the hearing by the Chair.
    3. that evidence was inaccurate or disregarded.
    4. that a biased decision by the Honor Council was made.

Q:  If I Submit an Appeal, Does That Mean I Will Automatically Receive a New Hearing?

A:  No. When you submit your appeal to the Chair of the Appeals Board, he or she will obtain the evidence and recordings of your original hearing. The Chair of the Appeals Board will determine whether or not the grounds you have stated in your appeal are legitimate and warrant convening the Appeals Board for a new hearing. In the event that your grounds for an appeal are not substantiated, the Chair of the Appeals Board retains discretion to deny your appeal and uphold the original Honor Council decision without convening an Appeals Board. Decisions of the Appeals Board are final. There is no appellant of the Appeals Board.

Q:  What Happens if I Appeal the Finding of Guilt and My Appeal is Denied? Can I Still Appeal the Penalty?

A:  Yes. If you appeal the finding of guilt and your appeal is denied either by the Chair of the Appeals Board, or in the event the appeal is granted a new hearing, by the Appeals Board, you may also appeal your penalty. You must submit your second appeal within the same original 10 academic day timeframe as your first appeal.

Q: Will Students or Faculty Who Were Present at My Original Honor Council Hearing Be Present at My Appeals Hearing?

A:  No. The Appeals Board is selected on a case-by-case basis by the Appeals Chair and is made up of faculty and students who were NOT present at the original hearing and have no previous knowledge of the details of the case.

Q: If My Appeal is Denied is that Decision Final?

A:  Yes. Once you have appealed either the finding of guilt, the penalty, or both, any decisions made by the Chair or the Appeals Board are absolutely final. You cannot appeal the decision any further: not to the Dean of your particular college nor to the President of the University.

Q:  Am I Permitted to Speak to a Counselor During the Appeals Process if I Want to Discuss My Case With Someone?

A:  Yes. You are entitled to speak with a Counselor at any time during the appeals process. Contact the Chair of the Appeals Board and let him or her know that you wish to talk with a Counselor. The Chair of the Appeals Board will put you in contact with the appropriate individual.

Q: How Long Will it Take Before the Chair of the Appeals Board Reaches a Decision Regarding My Appeal, Either to Deny it or Grant Me a New Hearing?

A:  All appeals must be considered within 25 academic days of submission to the Chair of the Appeals Board. Delays are permitted at the discretion of the Chair of the Appeals Board.

Q: What Should I Do if I Have Not Heard From the Chair of the Appeals Board Within the Allotted 25 Academic Day Time Limit?

A:  Contact the Chair of the Appeals Board and the Honor Council Chair immediately. It is possible that your appeal was never received or that the Chair of the Appeals Board was unable to make contact with you. Ignorance and lack of communication with the Chair of the Appeals Board on the appellants behalf is not an acceptable excuse and is not grounds for an extension.

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