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Temporary Suspension of Honor Council Policy for Spring 2014

On January 1, 2014 several significant changes to the Honor Council's administrative structure and operations took effect.  Of most importance to faculty and student is the Council's decision to temporarily suspend its policy that all written examinations be taken in an atmosphere free from the surveillance of a proctor.  This temporary policy is in effect from January 8, 2014 through May 13, 2014.  During this period, instructors will not be required to exit the classroom during tests.  In addition, a written request from a student that an exam be proctored will not be required.  As in the past, instructors may still remain in the room during unannounced quizzes and other tests used during a period devoted mainly to classroom instruction.

Under this policy, the decision whether to proctor or not is up to the each individual instructor.  Further, instructors can choose to proctor some exams and not proctor others.  On May 14, 2014 this temporary suspension of policy will end and all written examinations will again be taken in an atmosphere free from the surveillance of a proctor.

In an effort to evaluate the impact of this temporary suspension, the Honor Council asks that all faculty report on all decisions to proctor/not proctor examinations (including finals) in all of their courses.  The Honor Council has created an Excel file that each faculty member can use to record their decisions to proctor/not proctor exams in a specific course.  Please use the template to create a new file for each course taught.  The information to be reported includes: department abbreviation, course number, course title, section, date of an exam, whether the exam was proctored, and the reason for proctoring/not proctoring the exam.  Data can be reported for up to six exams.  Note that the Honor Council is NOT asking faculty to report on quizzes and other tests used during a period devoted mainly to classroom instruction as these exercises can always be proctored under Honor Council policy. (Click here to see a sample Proctoring Report)

At the conclusion of the semester the Honor Council will be asking faculty to submit their Excel report files to the Council.  More information on the submission process will be provided closer to the end of the term.

The Honor Council wishes to thank everyone for their continued patience as were work to improve the Honor System and faculty for completing and submitting the proctor report form.

Aura Fucci
Honor Council Executive Chair

Paul Trapp, Jen Gregory, and John Schemmel
Advisers to the Honor Council

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