The following content provided below constitutes the majority of information regarding initiating services of the Honor System for students and instructors. To access the services of the Honor System please carefully follow the directions and required formatting of each document prior to entering and submitting the document for processing. Questions regarding these forms and or their use please contact the Executive-Chair at or the Honor Council Coordinator, Paul S. Trapp at

Report a Suspected Honor Code Violation

Use this form to report a suspected honor code violation. Please note, when filling out this form you must complete all fields. The Honor Council uses the information submitted via this form to conduct investigations. The Honor Council and Honor System is not liable or responsible for the submission of inaccurate information, however, those submitting reports should be aware that if critical information is not provided or incorrectly entered, this may result in delay or dismissal of the report.

Request that a Test or Examination be Proctored
For Students Only: If you suspect the use of unauthorized aid during a quiz or examination you may at any time request that quizzes and examinations be proctored. Instructions regarding filing a request may be found on the Request Form.

Contact Information

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Honor Council (Appeals)