Chaser Links

In addition to using guidance from the Storm Prediction Center's Convective Outlooks, Mesoscale Discussions, and Watches to decide when and where to chase, VUSIT members also make use of various weather data available free on the Internet, such as model data, surface and upper-air observations, and satellite and radar imagery. Here are some valuable links for forecasting and tracking severe weather:

Storm Prediction Center

  • Surface and upper-air maps updated twice daily, at 0Z and 12Z, for looking at synoptic features that could produce severe weather
  • Sounding analysis for various locations, for looking at vertical temperature, dew point, and wind profiles, hodographs, instability, and cap strength
  • Mesoanalysis graphics for looking at mesoscale features over an area at risk for severe weather, such as surface observations, satellite and radar imagery, analysis of instability, various convective parameters, and much more

NCEP Model data

National Weather Service

University of Oklahoma Weather Lab

College of Dupage Weather Lab

Earl Barker's Current Weather Page

Weather Underground

Unisys Weather

RAP Real-Time Weather


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