March 23rd, 2011 Meeting Minutes

March 23rd, 2011 VUSIT Meeting Minutes



  • Balance: $1143.80
  • New chase vehicle announced!  Dodge Ram!


  • Get excited for Relay for Life!
  • Send your pictures for the picture contest!

Deputy Direction:

  • Checking weather radios across campus
  • Need volunteers for the residential halls
  • Had first Code Yellow of the year, but not enough confidence/interest to go out chasing


  • VUSIT Late Night will be on April 8th at 7pm!
  • Please bring any type of game/movies/something to do, maybe be able to go outside
  • AMS/NWA Talent/NoTalent show will be occurring during the Late Night
  • CB radios and antennas have been order and should arrive next week!  We will then be testing them out!
  • Elections for VUSIT and AMS/NWA E-boards for the 2011-2012 school year will be held April 7th at 7pm.  Watch for more information regarding where.
  • Email Jacki if you interested in running for a position on VUSIT and prepare a brief speech about what would make you the best possible candidate for the position.
  • New E-board members from VUSIT and AMS/NWA are then responsible for the end of the year picnic.