September 2nd, 2010 Meeting Minutes

September 2nd, 2010 VUSIT Meeting Minutes



  • Balance: $646.16
  • Dues are $15 and are due by the third meeting to Jacob Cobb—be sure to make checks out to Meteorology Club.
  • If you see a problem with the website let Cobb know by emailing him at


  • Friday, December 3 is our tentative date for the VUSIT Banquet
  • We will be voting on what food you want when we get closer to the date!

Deputy Direction:

  • We will be checking the weather radios next semester.
  • Go over the different Codes with everyone so that everyone is prepared and knows what is going on.

                        Code Yellow- the night before when the conditions are looking good

                        Code Red- when we have decided to go and will reconvene at a set time to leave


  • We will be getting a new chase vehicle SOON!  If you have any suggestions talk to one of the E-Board members or Bart or Adam.
  • VUSIT Picnic à Sept 4thth at Kirchoff Park @ NOON
  • Chicago Odyssey Group—Sept. 10th @ 8pm, we will be giving a talk about storm chasing and it’s importance. This will include a PowerPoint and some exciting chase videos!
  • Still working on the VUSIT/NWA/Meteorology Major window clings, but there is a lot of interest!