VUTV Original Shows

The Shield

Valparaiso University’s only news source on television.  The Shield offers students both campus news and news from around the world. Students tune in weekly for the great personal feel and learn about the many activities going on at Valpo.

Lip Service

This television show provides much commentary on romantic relationships. Student hosts deliver into the differences and similarities between men and women, and the relationships that ultimately develop in the year 2011. This hilarious and insightful show has already garnered a substantial following on both the Valparaiso campus and YouTube.

Valpo SportsNite

This sports show features commentary from some of the most knowledgeable sports fans on campus. The discussions centers around both national and valpo sports.


This entertainment show highlights some of the most viral YouTube videos at the time of broadcast. Valpo students eagerly tune in to watch a special segment that highlights a YouTube video posted by a fellow student at Valpo.

The Cold Front: Changing How You See the Weather

This weather show examines how weather affects daily life. Informative yet fun and relevant The Cold Front gives examples of weather affecting anything from football to examining why static shock occurs in winter. Valpo students also tune in as hosts make episodes regarding weather safety (severe storms, winter driving, etc).

College Cuisine

This cooking show emphasizes the ingredients that can be bought on a budget and shows Valpo students how to turn typical college meals into cuisine.