Becoming A Recognized Organization

Groups that would like to be recognized by Student Senate may fill out an Organizational Approval Form which can be completed here. Groups that are requesting approval must also create an Organization Constitution which muct include the items below. A sample constitution is available here.

•A purpose statement, which does not oppose the mission of Valparaiso University.
•Describe the structure of the organization.
•Describe how the organization operates.
•Describe who is eligible to be a member.
•Include a non-discrimination clause.
•Have an amendment process.
•Be signed by the organization's president and faculty/staff advisor.

Completed constitutions should be placed in the Student Senate Drop Box which is located in the Harre Union Student Organization Suite.  The Administration Committee will review allapplications and contact the group to schedule a meeting to discuss their application.

Organizations requests must be approved by the Administration Committee and then by Student Senate.

After an organization is recognized by student senate, they must go through the re-recognition process each year. Information about the process will be provided to all organizations at the begninig of the spring semester.

In additon to the initial recognition process, student organizations must register every year with the Valparaiso University Student Senate. This includes submitting a re-recognition form along with any changes in officers or in the organization’s constitution.

The name of the organization must be completely written out as to how it will appear on campus publications. All organizations must have an advisor. Social fraternities and sororities do not have to be approved by Student Senate but must be registered with the Office of Greek Life. If the organization is affiliated with a regional or national organization, they must submit these constitutions and bylaws as well. Organizations must comply with University, local, state, and federal regulations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Administraion Committee Chair.