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“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quiestest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy, author of Prince of Tides.


Ways to get involved:

Calendar of Events Fall 2011

Mark your calendars for cultural events and upcoming study abroad information sessions. 

Become a Peer Advisor or Ambassador!

The Office of International Programs seeks student volunteers who will provide a student perspective to future study abroad participants.  Returned study abroad participants can share their experiences and stories with other Valpo students thinking about studying abroad, act as a representative of the OIP and assist with pre-departure meetings. 

2011-2012 Peer Advisors & Ambassadors

If your program is not represented by a Peer Advisor or Ambassador, please contact Julie Maddox, julie.maddox@valpo.edu, if you are interested in the position. 

Study Abroad Career Skills Workshop

Attend a workshop, co-sponsored by the Career Center and the Office of International Programs, to identify the skills you learned abroad and how to articulate your experience effectively to potential employers.  Whatever you decide to do after graduation, you will want to include your study abroad experience on your resume or graduate school application.  You will want to make the connection to the actual skills you gained through your experience abroad--connections that will not always be obvious to an employer.

September 21, 2011 - 4:00 - 5:00pm, Harre Union/Gandhi-King Center

Be on the lookout for updates on the Study Abroad Photo Contest

Coming Home

"One of the biggest challenges for students who participate in study abroad can be the difficulty in re-adapting to the realities in the United States (otherwise known as "re-entry"). Many students who studied abroad went through many changes, re-examining their priorities, their values, and what they think of themselves and the United States. The "reverse culture shock" may be more difficult than the "culture shock" you felt while abroad, " (www.studentsabroad.com/reentrycultureshock).

Read about Reverse Culture Shock:

Study Abroad Handbook: Reverse Culture Shock
Abroad View: You're Back. Now What?

Campus Re-entry

  • Interact/Work with international students at VU - Join VISA! Become involved with the Valparaiso International Student Association, live in the Global Leaders Community at Brandt Hall, attend international activities on campus, or simply become a friend to an international student. Join one of the many multicultural student organizations on campus: VISA, LIFE, AAA, BSO.
  • Continue studying languages: Take additional language courses or join language clubs. German, French and Spanish speakers at Valpo can also live in one of the various language houses.
  • Help promote study abroad on campus: Volunteer to help spread the word about study abroad on campus. Submit your photos to studyabroad@valpo.edu and be on student panels to talk about your experience.
  • Learn more about your host country: Register for courses on campus to learn more about the geography, history, politcal and social systems of the region you spent time living in. Read newspapers and books, view films, and basing research projects on your host culture. Visit the CCLIR to access international newspapers and magazines.
  • Keep in touch with your experience. Write/email your friends in your host country and send photos of your time together. Write a letter to your host institution explaining what the experience meant to you.

Program Evaluations

Participants are requested to provide feedback and evaluations through Abroad101, by clicking the icon below:

Abroad101: Study Abroad Reviews and Feedback
Study Abroad Program Reviews