Peer Advisor & Ambassador Program

Feel free to contact any of the students listed below to learn more about Valpo's study abroad programs.  If you are interested in becoming a Peer Ambassador or Advisor, please contact Julie Maddox at

Peer Ambassadors: Valpo Study Centers

Peer Ambassadors represent Valpo's study centers: Cambridge, England; Reutlingen, Germany; Puebla, Mexico & Hangzhou, China.

Veronica Fall

Hi!  My name is Veronica Fall and I participated in the Reutlingen, Germany study abroad program in the spring of 2011.  After having been inspired by another student's study abroad experience, I realized that I wanted to have these amazing opportunities for myself, while improving my German language skills and learning about another culture.  Choosing to go abroad is the smartest decision I have made during my college career because I have grown as a person and learned much more about who I am.  I encourage others to study abroad and have their own once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I hope to inspire others as well.

Meteorology Major, Mathematics Minor

Hello!  My name is Kelsey Gatza and I am a senior social work major from Bay City, Michigan.  I studied abroad in the fall of 2010 at the VU Study Center in Cambridge, England.  Studying abroad was the experience of a life-time.  I am encouraging other students to study abroad because it is an incredible experience where you are able to learn not only about yourself, but also gives you the opportunity to see just how big the world really is.  "Every journey begins with a single step."

Social Work Major, Spanish Minor

kelsey gatza
pat slattery

Pat Slattery

Traveling is one of my favorite activities.  I have been to 12 countries in my life, and knew I wanted to study abroad for as long as I can remember. I chose to go to Mexico not only to improve my Spanish skills, but also to challenge myself through full immersion in a culture so different from our own.  It was an amazing experience and paid off in ways I couldn't possible foresee.  My advice to future international adventurers: Vaya al corriente = go with the flow.

Mathematics & Humanities Majors, Chinese & Fundamentals of Business Minors

Peer Advisors: Valpo affiliated programs (Exchange & Cooperative Programs)

Peer advisors represent Valpo's other study abroad options which include one-to-one exchange programs and cooperative programs run by other US universities.

Hi!  My name is Suzanne and I studied in Granada, Spain in fall 2010.  I chose to go abroad for two reasons. I really wanted to improve my Spanish and I wanted to experience, firsthand, Spanish culture.  Everyone should go abroad because you not only learn about another culture and place, but you will never have a better chance to learn more about yourself.

International Economics  & Cultural Affairs and Spanish Majors

suzanne kolasa
molly kestner I am a senior International Service major and I studied abroad in Southern Africa during the spring of 2011.  I always wanted to study abroad and I was lucky enough to have Namibia fit perfectly into my major.  My study abroad experience fit all teh cliches like, "studying abroad changed my life" and more.  My time in Namibia and South Africa was challenging, but wonderful.  There's no other time like college when you'll be able to have an experience like this, so take advantage of it!

International Service Major, Environmental Studies Minor

Hi!  My name is Jared Roshanmanesh.  For the spring semester of 2011, I studied abroad in Japan.  I went to Japan to gain an intercultural experience and left having made many friends and gained a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and the Japanese way of life.  While I was in Japan, I travelled the Japanese country-side, saw the Husband & Wife rocks of Ise, ate Kobe Beef in Kobe, went on a road trip to Hiroshima and regularly rode on trains to Kyoto and Osaka.

International Business & Finance major, Japanese Minor


Team Leaders

Hello everyone!  My name is Julie Johnson and I am a senior marketing major with a minor in general communications.  I studied abroad in Cambridge, England in the fall of 2010 and can definitely say that it was the best choice I made while there at Valpo.  I am really glad I studied abroad because it helped me to build lifelong friendships and choose a career path, all while getting to see the world.  Studying abroad was a life-changing experience, and I hope to help other students find a program that will help them to grow as a person as well.  "The world is a book and those who do not travel see only a page."

Julie Johnson (Cambridge, England), Public Relations Major, heads the Study Abroad Team of the Integrated Marketing and Communication's (IMC) Student Division.    Julie will serve as the Team Leader for the Peer Advisors and Ambassadors. 

hannah bauer

Hello!  My name is Hannah Bauer and I am a junior creative writing major at VU.  I spent spring semester of my sophomore year in Cambridge, England.  As soon as I started researching colleges, I started looking for one with a good study abroad program and I couldn't have done better than Valpo's Cambridge program.  I took classes from Cambridge University professors, I made Cambridge my home, and I traveled around Europe, visiting over ten countries in four months.  Studying abroad was an amazing adventure in which I got to meet tons of other people and grow in ways I didn't know I could.  I truly can't wait to continue my adventure!  Cheers!  "Studying abroad changed my life.  I caught the 'travel bug' and now I can't wait to spend my life seeing the rest of the world."

Creative Writing Major