Office of Finance and Administration

The Office of Finance and Administration has responsibility for many of the business-related aspects of University operations, especially those dealing with financial, legal and contractural matters and the care and maintenance of campus facilities. 

All personnel in the Office of Finance and Administration are expected to maintain high ethical standards in carrying out their responsibilities. Persons who believe University employees are unethical or acting illegally in fulfilling these responsibilities are encouraged to report these activities to EthicsPoint.

Units within the Office of Finance and Administration are:

  • Administrative and Financial Services – Susan Scroggins, associate vice president
  • Auxiliary Services - Anthony Coschignano, executive director.
  • Budgets and Financial Planning – Nancy Stalbaum, director
  • Financial Accounts and Reporting - Diana Blaney, controller
  • Human ResourcesScott Harrison, director
  • Payroll – Maria Martin, manager
  • Facilities Management - Gary Greiner, director
  • Police Department – Becky Walkowiak, chief
  • Procurement - Nancy Murray, director (formerly, Purchasing and Support Services)
  • Student Accounts – Patrice Davis, director