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Department of Theology

Department Chair: George Heider, Ph.D.
ASB 308 | 219-464-5303

Majors offered:
Theology, B.A.,M.A.L.S.
Theology and Ministry, B.A.

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Department of Theology - Undergraduate Program (department maintained)
Department of Theology - Graduate Program (department maintained)

 Valpo Theology Majors

Valpo Theology majors explore ways in whicih the texts, history, and norms of the Christian tradition shape thought and action in the life of the church and in relation to other religious traditions.

What Can You Do with a Theology Major?

Degree, Skills or Experience Needed for Beginning Teachers:
A Bachelor's degree with some internship or practicum experience is necessary.

Kinds of Work Available to Graduates in this Major:
Theology major alone:
Deaconess in parish or institution, Director of Christian education in a parish or congregation, Church youth worker or camp director, Graduate work in seminary, divinity school and related programs.

Theology major with a related field of study:
Social worker in a church-related agency, Teacher in elementary or secondary church-related schools, Church music director, organist, Librarian for religious studies and heology holdings in university or seminary libraries, Journalism related to religious studies and theology, Television or video programming on religion, church and ecumenical subjects, Work in overseas branches of the churches, in education, social work, nursing, Bible translation, and much more.

A Bachelor of Arts in Theology is desirable, though not necessary, for entrance into seminary studies and preparation for ordained ministry. It may also serve to prepare for graduate work in theology and religious studies geared toward college and university level teaching.

Potential Hiring Institutions:
Parishes, church-related agencies, religious publishers, newspapers, magazines, TV stations, libraries, colleges and universities.

What Beyond-the-Classroom Opportunities Does Valpo Offer You in Theology?

Extracurricular Groups:Students can participate in Theta Alpha Kappa – Theology National Honor Society, as well as groups that may be of particular interest, such as College Democrats, College Republicans, and Student Senate.

Church Vocations: Theology students take part in annual retreats and in a weekly program known as the Church Vocations Symposium.  There students can gather over a meal to hear special presentations and interact with invited speakers.

Internships / Study Abroad:
Theology students make extensive use of Valpo's excellent study programs both in the U.S. (Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C.) and abroad. Special opportunities for Theology students exist at Westfield House in Cambridge, England, and Reutlingen, Germany. Other programs operate in France, Spain, Greece, Mexico, China, Japan, and Namibia..

Lilly Project on the Theological Exploration of Vocation: One aspect of the Project emphasizes "church vocation" - the recruitment and preparation of students who anticipate careers of full-time church service. However, since "vocation" also refers to other worthy paths of life and service, the Project also emphasizes vocational reflection that reaches beyond the church, exploring other fields of endeavor and drawing on a range of theological and other perspectives. For more information, click here.