Valparaiso University’s Exploratory Program gives incoming students who have not declared a major the opportunity to investigate the many degree programs we offer  - without feeling pressure to decide on a major right away.


The Exploratory Program helps students discover their interests, skills and aptitudes, while providing guidance, resources and support services.  In most cases, initial Exploratory students who declare majors graduate in four years.  What makes Valpo's Exploratory Program distinctive are four central components:  Exploratory Advising, Exploratory Launch, Future Quest and the Exploratory Studies Course (GS 150). If students are unsure about choosing a major, becoming an Exploratory student will provide an opportunity to find the academic path that best fits the individual, encouraging them to ask: "Who am I?", and "Who do I want to be?"

Becoming an Exploratory student at Valpo:
Students: Begin exploring now!
Additional Opportunities and Resources:

Declaring an Exploratory major can be done on the Application for Undergraduate Admission by simply writing "Exploratory" as probable field of study. At FOCUS (Valpo’s Summer Freshmen Orientation Program), Exploratory students will meet with other Exploratory students and have an advising session with Exploratory advisors who will help them register for the first semester of classes. 

What to do:
  • Identify the subjects you enjoy most.
  • Take personality and inventory tests.
  • Interview people you know and respect about their world of work.
  • Pay attention to your strengths, skills, interests, and aptitudes.
  • Relax and know that Valpo advisors will help you.

Contact Information

Kathleen Scott Gibson, J.D.
Assistant Dean
College of Arts & Sciences
Office: (219) 464-5318

Nancy M. Scannell, M.S.
Assistant Dean
College of Arts and Sciences

Why Exploratory?