Graduate Tutoring


The Graduate Tutoring Center is located on the first floor of the Christopher Center Library. Graduate papers may present new challenges–more length, more resources, more standards to follow, and more demands for correctness and creativity. Whether you're working full time, are commuting, have been out of school for a while, or are new to Valpo our range of consulting options and staff in THE TUTORING CENTER can help you meet these challenges. Schedule your time NOW!

What we do:

1. In-person Consultation

We provide one-on-one writing assistance for up to eight pages of content.

2.  Content Evaluation

We help to ensure that your assignment meets the course requirements.

3.  Grammatical Assistance

Possibly the most noticeable part of any paper.  We help you get it right!

4.  Citation Style Guidance

If we don't know, we can look it up!

5.  Writing Skills for the Future

We not only proofread your work but show you ways to improve your writing permanently. 

International Student Assistance

Our staff is ready to meet the needs of international students who are great thinkers but have not yet mastered the confusing art of English writing.  We are experienced English language writers, and we understand the difficulties of perfecting a second language.  We will patiently examine your paper and help you turn it into a graduate level composition.  

Long papers

Consultants can usually respond to 8 pages in a consultation. For longer papers, plan several sessions, over a day or two. Schedule your appointment before dropping off or emailing your work. For papers of 20 or more pages, consultations may be limited to analysis of the first 10 pages, a few in the middle, and the conclusion. This will allow you and the consultant to identify organizational problems and errors (punctuation, citation, usage) that may be occurring in the whole paper.  As a courtesy, please give Graduate Tutoring Center staff a few days to review a paper of this length

Our staff–Writing Consultants and Graduate Tutoring Services

Our staff of writing consultants include graduate students from several programs and a professional director. You may sign up online. Because of their training and experience with writing, our consultants are well qualified to review your assignments.

Getting and appointment and preparing for your appointment

  • From your laptop, go to Our scheduling software will match you to appropriate staff members for your course and their availability.
  • Plan ahead; plan for several appointments.
  • Bring your assignment and other materials the professor has distributed.
  • Think of specific questions you have about the assignment and the text you have written. Let us know if we're not providing the help you need!

Have Suggestions?

The Graduate Tutoring Center is a service to meet the needs of our students, so don't hesitate to tell us those needs!  We will do our best to meet them.  If you need to contact the writing center, please feel free to email  



The Semi-Annual Writing Workshop provides instruction and review of the APA and MLA writing styles and formats, along with other tips and ideas to make you an excellent writer. This workshop typically convenes in late September (Fall) and late January/early February (Winter) each year, and consists of 4-5 hrs of intense writing instruction, offered by VU faculty. 

If you have questions about the program, please contact the Graduate School at 219-464-5313 or 1-800-821-7685, or by email at