Traffic Regulations
Operators of vehicles on Valparaiso University campus are subject to State of Indiana traffic laws. The speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour whether posted or not. Drivers exceeding 20 M.P.H. face citations and fines.

Valparaiso University reserves the right to temporarily close any parking facility, to revise traffic and parking regulations during the year, and to make alterations in regulations for special events. When possible, advance notice of such changes will be provided.

Vehicles operated on campus are to be maintained in safe operating condition at all times. Any vehicle that appears to be abandoned on campus may be disposed of in accordance with State of Indiana statutes unless special arrangements have been made with the campus Police Department.

Individuals who are unable to drive disabled vehicles should immediately seek assistance with moving the vehicle to a legal parking area and notify the Valparaiso University Police Department of the difficulty with the vehicle.

Campus roadways are a combination of two-way and one-way streets.

Operators of vehicles who enter barricaded areas may be ticketed and/or the vehicle towed at the owner's expense.