Welcome to the Teaching Resource Center
The mission of the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) is to assist VU faculty in enhancing their teaching skills and professional development.  The Teaching Resource Center is located in the 4th floor faculty study in the Christopher Center for Library and Information Services (Room 400) and is under the direction of Cynthia Rutz. 
Faculty Workshops
Faculty Assistance
Additional Resources
The TRC sponsors several faculty workshops each year, including sessions designed specifically for new faculty.  For each workshop, a list of related books and articles is provided by VU's library resource staff.
Each semester the TRC hosts a writing circle where faculty can receive support and feedback for their professional writing.  The director of the TRC is also available for consultation about classroom issues and syllabus design.
There are many additional resources that can assist faculty members in  improving their teaching skills and professional development including websites with teaching/learning ideas, teaching tips, and suggested readings.

Contact Information

Teaching Resource Center
Christopher Center, Room 400
1410 Chapel Drive
Valparaiso, IN 46383