Program Objectives

And They Danced 

The Soul Purpose program of new play development, performance, travel, and devotional activity seeks to:

  • prepare and motivate students for service to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His church through theatre art
  • improve students' skills by providing a series of performance opportunities in a variety of physical circumstances
  • guide students through a workshop method of new play development
  • demonstrate for students the operation and value of a touring theatrical repertory company
  • provide students with opportunities for spiritual development and the benefits and support of a Christian community
  • afford students the experience of travel to new cities and regions
  • strengthen the relationship between the University and Christian congregations
  • bring prospective Valparaiso University students into direct, conversational contact with talented and motivated Valparaiso University students who believe that they made the right choice for a university education
  • provide the university community with creative alternatives for the presentation of the Word of God, enhancement of traditional liturgy, and diversifying and broadening worship leadership