Fuddy Meers, Fall 2009
Fuddy Meers centers on main character Claire, who suffers from a form of psychogenic amnesia that erases her memory every night when she goes to sleep. Claire meets a colorful cast of characters on her journey, such as a furtive limping, lisping, half-deaf man in a ski mask who kidnaps Claire, Claire’s highly cynical eighth grade son, Claire’s mother who only speaks gibberish as a result of a stroke, an ex-convict with a foulmouthed puppet, and a very intense woman who may or may not be a cop. Every twist and turn in this funhouse plot bring Claire closer to revealing her past life and everything she thought she'd forgotten. Fuddy Meers is a harrowing and hilarious roller coaster ride through the day of an amnesiac attempting to decipher her fractured life.