Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night is a comedy that includes all the humorous elements an audience hopes for from a Shakespearian classic. The play indulges in pranks, disguises, distortion of gender roles, mistaken identities, dancing, and outright bawdiness. The action unfolds with main character Viola, who finds herself separated from her twin brother Sebastian after a storm causes their vessel to shipwreck. Viola disguises herself as a pageboy and enters the service of the Duke of the land, Orsino. Viola soon falls in love with the Duke who is inconveniently in love with a neighboring countess, Olivia. The unsuspecting Olivia quickly becomes smitten with Viola in disguise. To complicate things still further, Sebastian appears on the scene and is mistaken for Viola in her pageboy disguise! Twelfth Night is crammed with comedic confusion that speaks of the madness of love and how unexpected events can lead to happy endings.