Auditioning for the Valparaiso University Theatre

•    OPEN TO ALL: Auditions for the plays at the Valparaiso University Theatre are open to all students.  However, students who are studying acting, voice, or movement in class are often better prepared for auditions than those who are not taking classes.

•    AUDITION REQUIREMENTS VARY: The director of each play will have her or his own requirements for auditions. (For example, to audition for a main stage play, you will usually have to prepare a memorized monologue; for a musical or opera, you will have to prepare a monologue and a song.) Please contact the director to check the requirements for the audition you wish to attend.

•    RECEIVE ACADEMIC CREDIT: You  may receive academic credit for playing a role on stage. After you have been cast in a play, you may add one credit of THTR 133D, Theatre Practicum: Performance.