Faculty Profile

James F. Moore, Professor of Theology

College of Arts and Sciences - Room 302
(219) 464-5457


Special Interests and Hobbies

I am likely found, when not teaching and writing, either taking in a sports event or reading science fiction or adventure novels. I love travel and generally find that my family joins me quite readily in planning travels and going together to places we long to see.


B.A. - Park College 1968
M.Div. - Luther Theological Seminary 1972
Ph.D. - University of Chicago 1982

Areas of Specialization

My part in the study of Religion/Theology at the University

I see theology as a discipline always with a foot in two camps. On the one hand, theology is an effort to understand and explain the meaning of religious ideas and activities. Thus, it is a serious study of an important element of every life. Even so, theology is also an effort to connect religious views, experiences, living with the critical issues that face people in our time. Thus, my role has always been to take on the tough discussions that challenge theology and students of theology to do both of these tasks well. I have aimed to offer courses that make that possible. Hopefully that means that students gain not only an awareness of the content of religious belief and life but have also been challenged to incorporate what they have learned into their own lives in shaping a workable view and life lived with integrity.

Courses Taught

  • The Christian Tradition (THEO 200)
  • Holocaust Theology (THEO 334)
  • Theology of Marriage and Sexuality (THEO 343)
  • Theology and the Scientific World (THEO 344)
  • Seminar in Religion, Culture, and Value (LS 650)
  • GnSt 201 Introduction to Gender Studies

Current Research

Professional Activity
My scholarly research has spread to the various areas of interest that I have pursued as a contemporary, philosophical theologian. Those areas that have especially captured my interest and time are marriage and sexuality, Holocaust theology, religion and science and philosophy of religion. I have published numerous articles on Jewish Studies, on Christian theology and the Holocaust, and on teaching courses in Jewish Studies. I presently serve on the editorial board of the Studies in the Shoah series of the University Press of America and as an educational consultant to the Philadelphia Center for the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights. I am also on the planning committee for the Annual Scholar's Conference on the Holocaust and serve on the advisory committee for the Chicago Center for Religion and Science. I am working on two book projects: (1) a book on the conversation between theology and cosmology and (2) a book that draws together essays written by a dialogue group on interpreting scripture together after the Holocaust.


  • Sexualtiy and Marriage
    -  Augsburg Publishing House 1987
  • Christian Theology After the Shoah: a Re-interpretation of the Passion Narratives
    -  University Press of America 1993