Faculty Profile

Lisa M. Driver, Associate Professor of Theology

Program Director of Mentoring for the Center for Church Vocations

College of Arts and Sciences - Room 316
(219) 464-5261



"The Fulfillment of Human Nature in Eastern Patristic Christianity" in Vital ChristianitySpirituality, Justice and Christian Practice, ed. by David L. Weaver-Zercher and William H. Willimon (T&T Clark International, 2005) 102-114.

 "The Cult of Martyrs in Asterius of Amaseia's Vision of the Christian City"  Church History (June 2005) 236-254.

"Asterius of Amaseia's Witness to Religions Disunity in Late Antiquity" The Patristic and Byzantine Review 23.1-3 (2005) 131-148.

11 solicited Articles for The New Westminster Dictionary of Church History: The Early, Medieval, and Reformation Eras ed. by Robert Benedetto.  Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, August 2008

Amphilocius of Iconium; Diodore of Tarsus; Early Christian Rhetoric; Ephesus, Councils of; Eudoxia; Messalianism; Preaching in the Early Church; Theodore of Mopsuestia; Theodoret of Cyrrhus; Theotokos; Three Chapters


B.A. - Ball State University 1988
M.A.; Ph.D. - University of Toronto 1989; 1996

Areas of Specialization

Theology of Late Antiquity and Medieval Periods

Courses Taught

  • The Christian Tradition (THEO 200)
  • Early Christianity (THEO 320)
  • Medieval Christianity: East and West (THEO 321)
  • Early Christian Social Thought (THEO 322)
  • Topics: Orthodox Christianity (THEO 329)

Research Interests

Biblical Interpretation

Christian prayer, mysticism and ascetic disciplines

Christian social thought and action


Narrative theology in early Christianity

Current Research

Articles for Feasting on the World: Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary,
Volumes 4 and 10 (Westminster John Knox)


  • Early Christian Thought
    - Vol. 1 of Westminster John Knox History of Christian Thought series Westminster John Knox Forthcoming 2009

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Church History
  • Association internationale d'etudes patristiques
  • North American Patristics Society