Career Options

What Do I Do with A Theology Major?Theology Students

What does one do with a theology major? Many things, fortunately, not the least of which is to live a life with awareness and sensitivity for religious questions and values. But there are also many career options, in the church and in other settings, that either center directly on theology or involve theology as an essential component. In addition, there are many careers that seem secular in nature (e.g., in business) but which would benefit considerably from the moral insights of one with theological training. Finally, of course, a theology major is an excellent foundation for graduate study in theology, religious studies, and related areas leading to a career of teaching, research, or professional work. Here are some examples.

Professional Church Work (with B.A. in Theology)
  • deaconess in parish or institution
  • church youth worker
  • director of Christian education
  • parish worker for evangelism and outreach
  • staff position with church or private agency (e.g., Lutheran Volunteer Corps, Youth for Christ, Board for Youth Ministry)

Career Related to Theology (Theology Major with another field of study)

  • social worker in a church-related agency 
  • teacher in elementary or secondary church-related schools
  • editorial work in religious publishing houses                                 
  • church music director, organist
  • librarian for religion holdings in university or seminary librariesHebrew Text
  • journalism related to religion and theology, with newspapers, magazines, or journals
  • television or video programming on religion, church, and ecumenical subjects
  • work in overseas branches of the churches, in areas of education, social work, nursing, Bible translation, and much more

Preparation for Advanced Study of Theology and Religion

  • Seminary training for ordained ministry, click here for Pre-Seminary Program details:
  • Graduate study in theology for teaching in church colleges and seminaries
  • Graduate study in religious studies for teaching in university religious studies departments
  • Graduate study in a discipline related to theology, e.g., sociology of religion, psychology and religion, philosophy of religion, religion and literature, cross-cultural anthropology, area studies in history and literature, archaeology, religion and society, ethics in medicine or business, and much more.