Job Description - Desk Attendant

Job Summary:

The Desk Attendant plays a crucial role on the Harre Union staff. The role of the Desk Attendant is to serve on the front lines for customer service in the building, specifically, at the Welcome Desk and the Games Area. The Desk attendant on duty is responsible for the general management of either the Welcome Desk or the Games Area at that time. This includes but is not limited to ticket sales, the rental of union equipment, answering general questions about events and the university, and managing the phone. 

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of serving as a Desk Attendant, students will be able to:

  • Describe the Role of the College Union in relation to the Harre Union Mission statement and the importance of student employees in relation to customer service.
  • Execute quality customer service skills when working with a variety of customers both in person and over the phone.
  • Serve as a resource to answer general questions related to University events and services.
  • Understand thoroughly general sales and rental procedures, as well as how to utilize resources necessary for efficiency.
  • Communicate the importance of basic customer service and problem-solving skills, and how they relate to their individual work style.
  • Utilize various written and verbal communication skills to work with both staff and customers, including handling conflict and other difficult situations.
  • Responsibly manage and record cash transactions.
  • Manage variety of technology tools, software programs, and processes related to reservations, ticket sales and resource management.
  • Uphold union policies (in the areas of customer sales and customer behavior) and enforce compliance. 

Core Competencies:

This position is related to the following ACUI Core Competencies: 
  Communication, Fiscal Management, Intercultural Proficiency, Technology 


This position reports directly to the Student Employee Manager and the Assistant Director of the Harre Union. 


Approximately 6-10 hours per week including a bi-weekly weekend rotation. Early mornings and late night hours are possible and should be expected. 


  1. The desk attendant must hold and maintain a minimum of a 2.25 cumulative GPA

  2. The desk attendant must have completed at least one semester as a full-time student at

    Valparaiso University. Two semesters is preferred

  3. Must be in good standing with the University

  4. Ability to work independently with little supervision

  5. Dependable and ability to follow-through with tasks

  6. Possess and display attention to detail in his or her day-to-day work.

  7. Ability and comfortableness with handling day-to-day customer situations

  8. Willingness and interest in working with others

  9. Ability to multi-task 

  10. Effective communication skills

  11. Willingness to work and learn

  12. Flexibility and problem solving ability

  13. The desk attendant must have the ability and willingness to work weekdays, evenings, and weekends 


  • Provide accurate information and answers to questions, both from telephone requests and visitors to the Union, about both Valparaiso University and the Harre Union, and all of their programs and services.
  • Provide quality customer service to faculty, staff, students and visitors of the University including community partners, camps and conference guests and general public.
  • Accurately manage the cash operation of the Welcome Desk and/or Games Area, which includes the sales of tickets, faxes, blue books, rentals, and damage charges.
  • Operate a fax machine upon request from customers or VU staff.
  • Process a variety of ticket requests for various campus events using online ticketing software.
  • Monitor the loan and return of magazines and newspapers.
  • Maintain the building’s Lost and Found service.
  • Assist in the rental of game room and outdoor equipment.
  • Read and understand daily logistics reports in relation to building and campus events.
  • Work with the Event Services Staff, the Building Manager, Assistant Director, the Desk Coordinator, and the Student Employee manager regarding the operation of the desks, and the Harre Union facilities/policies
  • Attend all scheduled meetings and training sessions including a bi-weekly staff meeting.