Campus Contacts & Resources
  • Vice President of Student Affairs - Dr. Bonnie Hunter x5411

  • Dean of Students - Dr. Tim Jenkins x5411

  • Assistant Dean for Greek Life, Leadership, and Volunteer Programs - Dr. Carrie Whittier x5413

  • Assistant Dean for Residential Life/Housing - Ryan Blevins x5413

  • Assistant Dean for First Year Students and Commuter Programs - Bonnie Dahlke x5413

  • Director of the Harre Union - Steve Janowiak x5007

  • Director of Admission - David Fevig x5011

  • Director of Financial Aid - Karen Klimczyk x5015

  • Director of the Health Center - Kelly Eshenaur x5352

  • Director of the Career Center - Tom Cath x5005

  • Director of Multicultural Programs - Dr. Bonnie Hunter x5411

  • Director of Counseling Services - Dr. Stewart Cooper x5002

  • Coordinator of Drug and Alcohol Education (OADE) - Natalie Muskin-Press x6820

  • Coordinator of SAAFE Office - Paula Dranger x6860

The members of the division of Student Affairs are always available to assist students with all their co-curricular needs. Where assistance or information is needed, feel free to contact the appropriate office. Each staff person is committed to assisting students to have the best Valpo Experience possible.