General Event Planning Information

Brainstorm different ideas, dates, locations, etc. If you are planning a whole week or a series of events, try to program around a theme. They’re easier and more fun. Brainstorm all the different things you can do with each idea and then pick the best. Contact an agent or agency to negotiate prices and dates. Make sure all the requirements of the contract are met. This may include travel accomodations, lodging, special food requests, dressing rooms, stage set-up, and sound.

If you plan on holding the event on campus, check with the Union Director’s office to reserve a room before signing a contract. Let the office know what kind of room set-up you need so that it is correct for your event. A room reservation reserves the space you need, and it doesn’t include sound support or food. If you plan to have an event outdoors within hearing distance of the Chapel, contact the Chapel office to make sure there are no concerts, recordings, or weddings in the Chapel at the same time. If you need any sort of power supply or special set up, make all arangements with the Union Director’s office and they will contact Physical Plant.

Make sure that the event you have planned will not suffer because of competition from a similar event for the same audience at the same time. Contact the Union Director’s office to check the campus-wide calendar for conflicts.


Be sure to notify everyone concerned, especially the audience of students you are targeting. Create attention through attractive, bold, and splashy advertising. Be sure, however, to adhere to campus posting and advertising policies and be aware of media deadlines.

• Only wood tables may leave the Union Building.
• Requesting group must transport tables.
• A VU ID or valid driver’s license MUST be presented to the Building Manager prior to tables being taken. The Building Manager will then radio the housekeeper on duty to retrieve the tables.
• Tables are to be used on-campus only.
• Any damage to the tables will be charged to the requesting department/individual, up to and including table replacement.