Outdoor Events

All concerts performed on University property must have a minimum of one security guard in attendance. Arranging of security personnel and payment is the responsibility of the sponsoring individual or organization, and must be arranged through VUPD and paid for at least one week prior to the event. If VUPD has not received payment at least one week prior to the event, the Union reserves the right to cancel the reservation. If you are a student organization paying out of your organization's Senate funded account, you must contact the Senate Treasurer and have them transfer the funds prior to the one-week deadline. Please check with VUPD regarding what account number they need the funds transferred to. VUPD will make the final decision on how many officers are necessary to ensure the safety and security of the University and its students and guests. Security should be booked for the entire event with at least 30 minutes before and after the event. Please keep in mind the times you have booked security for. The event will not be allowed to either start or continue if security is not present. If you have booked security until 11:30pm, the event must end at 11pm.

Each event will require the sponsoring individual/group/organization to complete and return a Security/Advisor Form. The form states that both an advisor and security has been obtained and that they agree to be present at the event. This form will be given out upon booking the reservation and must be returned to the Director's Office at least one week prior to the event. If the form is not turned in at least 1 week prior to the event, the Union reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice, although every attempt will be made to notify the sponsoring individual/group/organization.

Each group must also have a VU faculty or staff member present acting as the advisor for the event. The advisor does not necessarily have to be the groups advisor, but any non-student VU faculty or staff member that would like to assume this role for the event. This person will be responsible for helping the organization in the event of any problems and also ensure that the event occurs within the Unionís guidelines. The advisor must be there from the time admittance to the event starts and stay throughout the entire event until the event ends and must sign in and out with the Union Building Manager upon arrival and departure. The event will not be allowed to start without an advisor present. If the advisor leaves before the event is over, the Union staff, with the help of security, will end the event and clear the space.

The following situations will not require security detail, but will still require a faculty or staff advisor: Any performances that are strictly acoustic in nature. Events open ONLY to VU students and their guests. Sponsoring organization MUST provide staffing at the door checking for VU student IDs. A valid driver’s license cross referenced with a VU Telephone Directory will also be acceptable. Any non-VU student who attends MUST be accompanied by a VU student. The Union Director reserves the right to waive the security requirement as he/she deems appropriate. You must make an appointment with the Union Director to discuss the event in order to have the security requirement waived.

A signed contract must be provided two weeks prior to the event. Please make an appointment with the Union Director as soon as you think you may book an act. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT; ONLY THE UNION DIRECTOR AND THE VICE PRESIDENT OF ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE CAN SIGN FOR THE UNIVERSITY. Some performers may require certain technical specifications or other accommodations that cannot be met, or make other requests that you may not want to agree to. The Union Director has years of experience dealing with contracts, performers and agents and will be looking out for your best interests. If you do not think you need a contract signed, you MUST have it approved by the Union Director.

The Games and Recreation has many items that can be rented for outdoor recreation. Currently, our inventory includes tents, sleeping bags, stoves, skis, bikes, sleds, coolers, hiking backpacks, volleyball equipment, and lanterns. Renting such items is a fairly easy process. If you are interested in renting a piece of equipment, you should first reserve it by contacting The Games and Recreation. Reserving the equipment will ensure that it will be there when you need it. Just visit or call The Games and Recreation at ext. 5485 to reserve any items beforehand.

When you come to pick up the items you wish to rent, you will need to provide:

-Five dollar deposit per item
-Rental fee per item
-Valparaiso University ID

You will have to sign a rental contract (next page) that states what you are renting and all conditions that need to be noted such as return date, equipment flaws, deposit/rental fees, and appropriate replacement costs. If you have any questions of setup or functions of your equipment, just ask the attendant and the attentant should be able to answer your questions.

Returning the equipment requires that you bring back the equipment clean and with all its accessories. The attendant will check the equipment to ensure it is in proper condition and order. If the equipment is in order you will receive your full deposit back. Please note that you are responsible for all of the equipment you rent and for late fees if the equipment is not returned on time. After you receive your deposit, you are finished with the rental.