Lumina Room / Dining Area

Valparaiso University groups are welcome to schedule the Lumina Room and Dining Area in Huegli Hall. Faculty or staff advisors must accompany student groups for the duration of the event. Evening events must conclude by 10:00 p.m.

The Lumina Room and Dining Area are multi-purpose spaces. The use of the space is scheduled through the administrative support staff in Huegli Hall and maybe done by calling 5309 or 5318 during daytime hours M-F. For after 5 p.m. and weekend reservations please contact the Union Reservation Office at 5007.

Room Capacity
There are 13 oblong tables and 2 round tables, 36-armed chairs and 18 regular chairs. 24 folding chairs are also available.

Lumina Room
Conference style-seating
36 Theater style-54-78 seats

Dining Area
Food on linoleum area ONLY Tables accommodate 64.

Audio-Visual Equipment
Lighting options are restricted to those on the ceiling. Other lighting needs require the services of a paid technician from the Harre Union.  All sound equipment must be arranged through the Harre Union and may require the services of a paid technician.  A tv/vcr and an overhead are available in Huegli by prior arrangement. Arrangements for other audio-visual equipment must be made through the Harre Union.

Food and Beverages
The serving of any food or beverages must be arranged through Dining Services (464-5016). If exceptions are made to the food and beverage policy, groups must clean up and remove the food, garbage, and all empty trash containers. Groups may not bring other food or drinks, unless previously approved at time of reservation.

Decorations /Signs
Decorations or signs may be hung using tape only (no pins, thumb tacks, nails or staples). Nothing may be affixed to wood surfaces, metal trim, or windows.

Other Restrictions
No equipment may be stored in or near the Lumina Room, Dining Area and/or Kitchen.
No open flames.
No live music-unless approved at the time of the reservation.
There may be a Housekeeping charge of $20.00 per hour (minimum) for room maintenance and trash removal.

Advisor Responsibility
An advisor from each student organization must be present during the duration of the event. If an advisor cannot be present the event will not be allowed to take place. Each reservation will require the advisor's signature before the reservation is official. All reservations will be made with the Events Manager in the Union Director's office on the second level of the Union.

Valparaiso University is a tobacco-free campus.